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Komatsu 4D95 PC60 Excavator Alternator 600-821-3850

Quick Details:

Model Number : Komatsu Excavator PC60 4D95

Parts Number : 600-821-3850 0-33000-5510

Specification : 24V 20A


Komatsu 4D95 PC60 Excavator Alternator 600-821-3850


PC60 Excavator Alternator Specification : 


Part Number
600-821-3850 0-33000-5510
Standard export Carton Case
Prices Advantage
Wholesale Price
6 Months
Brand Name
Model Number
 PC60 4D95
High Quality
 24V 20A


2.Transaction Term:

Payment term T/T, ABC Bank Transfer,PayPal,Western Union
Certificate ISO/TS16949
Warranty 3 month
Minimum Order Quantity  5 pcs
Delivery Time Quantity <10pcs  7 working days
Quantity >10pcs  15 working days



Hot Sale Alternator Reference :


E325C/330C/330D 24V 100A  
PC60 4D95 24V 20A  600-821-3850 0-33000-5510
PC200-1/2/3  S6D105 24V 30A   600-821-6130 0-33000-5840
PC200-5  S6D95 24V 30A  600-821-6120 0-33000-5860 600-821-7620 033000-5280 ALT29000
PC200-6 6D95 8PK  24V  30A  600-821-6190 0-33000-6580
PC200-6 S6D102  24V  40A   600-861-3411/6410 101-211-4310 
PC200-7 24V 60A   101211-7960
PC300-3  6D125 24V 30A   600-821-6150/0-33000-5880
PC300-6 6D108E 24V 40A  600-825-3160/0-35000-0402
PC HT20-2 D60 S4D120 BULLDOZER  24V 20A  600-821-3350/0-33000-2280
EX200-1  24V 30A    1-81200-365-2  0-33000-6000 
EX200-2  6BD1 24V 30A   1-81200-440-2/0-33000-6552 9218005        
EX200-3       24V 30A    
EX200-5 6BG1 24V 45A  1-81200-471-0 0-35000-3872 181200-4845
EX230/240  3PK   6HK1
EX330 4HK1 24V 50A     
R60-5/R60-6/R55   12V 45A 
R60-7 12V 45A   119626-77210 101211-2951 
R210-5 D6BR  24V 70A AC270542 37300-930000
R220-5  24V 60A   
SK120 SK60  4JB1 24V 20A 600-821-3860 0-33000-5700
SK200-6  SK230-6  6D34   24V 40A ME08887  A3TN5399
DH55  4JB1 12V 50A   897228-3180 5-37813253-0  99723442
DH220-3  DH002 24V 65A  ME070120 A2T72986 
DH220-5 DRK390050 24V 60A  2502-6006C
CASE 12V 55A   0120-488-205
EF750 24V 60A pulley:Slots76-45  
HH763  24V 60A   
HD250/HD450  4D31 24V 35A   
27SI 24V 70A 
 6D22  24V 55A A4T66686 0-33000-6511
8DC9  24V 55A A4T66085
HINO H07CT H07D W06E BF17D 27040-1731 27040-1761 27040-1821
HINO EK100 DK10 EB100 EB300 EH300 27020-1380 27020-1500 27020-1100
PC300-6 S6D108 600-821-9810
R220-5 DB58T ME087508
EX120 4BG1 4BD1 21EA-00040
PF6 RE8 RE10 RF8 RF10 0201-102-2910-0201-102-2963 23100-97507 23100-97608
KATO MITISUBISHI TRUCK 6D14 6D15 6D16 A2T70772 A2T72185 A4T57886 A2T72186 A2T72999 ME017602 ME037616 ME067522
R60-5 119836-77210
PC300 S6D125 0-3300-5880


Komatsu 4D95 PC60 Excavator Alternator 600-821-3850


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联系方式 1 300x300 - Komatsu 4D95 PC60 Excavator Alternator 600-821-3850





11 300x30 - Komatsu 4D95 PC60 Excavator Alternator 600-821-3850





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