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Komatsu 6D95 PC200-6 Diesel Water Pump 6209-61-1100


Quick Details:

Model Number : Komatsu Excavator PC200-6 6D95

Parts number : 6209-61-1100

Payment term: QQ截图20190612103410 300x35 - Komatsu 6D95 PC200-6 Diesel Water Pump 6209-61-1100


Komatsu 6D95 PC200-6 Diesel Water Pump 6209-61-1100


PC200-6 Diesel Water Pump Information Overview : 

Model: PC200-6

Category: excavator water pump

Engine: 6D95

Place of Original:  China

Condition: Original New 

Warranty: 3 Months

MOQ: 1 pcs

Keyword: PC200-6 diesel water pump

Standard or Nonstandard:: Standard

Payment Term: T/T, Western Union

Delivery Time: 1-3 days (depend on order)

Parts Number : 6209-61-1100

Guarantee:  We will test the travel reduction gearbox and send testing video to buyer to confirm before shipping. 



Why Choose us : 

  1. we can control the quality
  2. we can give you a better price
  3. Produce the products in accordance to the customer’s requirements.
  4. We can manufacture the products in accordance to the sample provided by our customers
  5. the accumulation of long time, we have a wide range of spare parts of excavator




Q: How to guarantee the same?

A: Before sending, I will take pictures. After confirmation, I send.

Q: When to ship?

A: Once getting payment then arrange.

Q: Import customs fee?

A: It depends on import country. I can make lower valve so that you can pay lower customs fee even no need to pay.

Q: How long for transport?

A: For express/ air, it takes about 5 days. For land/ sea, it takes about one month. It depends on your address.

Q: Product usage?

A; If any problem about usage, I will solve at first time.


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Product Pictures :

  Komatsu 6D95 PC200-6 Diesel Water Pump 6209-61-1100 Komatsu 6D95 PC200-6 Diesel Water Pump 6209-61-1100 Komatsu 6D95 PC200-6 Diesel Water Pump 6209-61-1100


If you can not find the items you need via our website, pls feel free to contact us for more information !

联系方式 1 300x300 - Komatsu 6D95 PC200-6 Diesel Water Pump 6209-61-1100





11 300x30 - Komatsu 6D95 PC200-6 Diesel Water Pump 6209-61-1100





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