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Factory Price B5140 22SI Excavator Volvo EC140 Dynamo

Quick Details :


Model Number :  Volco Excavator EC140

Parts Number : B5140 22SI

Payment term : T/T , Western Union, PayPal, ABC bank


Factory Price B5140 22SI Excavator Volvo EC140 Dynamo


EC140 Dynamo Product Information :


Parts Name: EC140 Dynamo

Model Number: EC140 B5140

Specification: 24V 60A EC140 Dynamo

Minimum Order Quantity : 4 Pieces

Voltage: 12V or 24V

Condition : 100 % brand new EC140 Dynamo

Packaging  : standard export carton or depends on customers request

Delivery date : normally 3-4 working days after received the payment you done

Payment way :  T/T , paypal, RMB transfer, western union, alipay.




More Stater and Alternator:


PC60-6  4D95  4BD1 24V 2H 4.5KW 9T 600-813-4411 0-23000-2542
PC200-1  6D105 24V 6KW 13T 600-813-4650
PC200-3  6D105 24V 5.5KW 3H 13T 600-813-4120 0-23000-1231
PC200-5/6  6D95 11T 24V 5.5KW 600-813-4421 0-23000-2561
PC200-6 6D102 24V 4.5KW 10T 40MM 2H 600-863-4110 228000-4992
PC200-6 6D102 24V 5.5KW 10T 40MM 3H 600-863-4110
PC300-6 6D108 24V 12T 46MM 7.5KW 0-2300-6531
PC400-6 6D125 24V 7.5KW 11T 46MM 600-813-4530 600-813-4670
EX200-1/2  SH280 6BD1 3H 11T 24V 4.5KW 1-811000-189-2 1-81100189-0 1-81100-189-2
DH220-5 EX210/230/240   EX200-6 EX200-5 6BG1 24V 4.5KW 3H 11T 0-28000-6200 1-81100036-0
HD700-5/7 6D31  11T 24V 3.7KW 2H M2T78381 M2T78372
4M40  SH60/SK60 24V 3.2KW 11T M008T80471/2
4M40  12V 2.0KW 11T 32.5MM
NT855 7.5KW 3H 11T 600-813-3962/3963/3861/2724
NT855 8.5KW 11T 600-813-3962/3963/3861/2724
NT855 11KW 600-813-3962/3963/3861/2724
 H06C H07C 24V 11T 3H 4.5KW 28100-1863 128000-4685/86/87/88
H06CT H07C 24V 11T 4.5KW 0350-552-0512
4D31 24V 3H 9T 3.2KW M002T64272  ME017004
4D31 3H 14T 4.5KW M003T57575 M3T57575
6D14 6D15 24V 11T 5.0KW M3T56071  M3T56072
6D22 5.0KW 24V 13T M3T95082 M3T95071
6D34 2H 11T 24V 5.0KWT M8T87171  ME049303 M008T87171
6SD1  6SA1  ISUZU 2H 11T 24V 7.5KW 1-81100-246-1 0-23000-7292
6CT8.3  3H 12T 3938502
6CT8.3  3H 10T 24V 5.5KW
6BT5.9 3H 10T 24V 5.5KW
ZAX230/300  6HK1 2H 11T 24V 5.0KW M008T60972  898060-8540
4HK1 2H 13T 24V 5.0KW 8-98070-321-1 8-98054-063-0
10PD1 10PC1 12T 3H 24V 7.5KW 0-23000-7061
6QA1 3H 11T 1-81100341-3 M009T80971
ZAX70 4JG1 (24V 11T 2H 3.5KW)
DH55 4JB1 12V 2.5KW 11T 8-97204713-0 71440357 M008T77071
E3306  3H 12T 7.5KW 24V
E3306 3H 12T 7.5KW 11V
E320C 24V 5.0KW 10T
E330D/C 3H 11T 24V 11KW 4N8118 6N1889 6T0640
 PE6 PF6 24V 11T 3H 6.0KW
 PE6 PF6 24V 11T 3H 4.5KW
37MT 12V 10T WAI50-161 DELCO 10478831  1990309   1993705  WAI50-159  DELCO 1113402  1113640  1113651   1113656 WAI50-193
40MT 12V/11T 12V/12T 24V/11T 24V/12T WAI50-108  DELCO 1114098  WAI50-100 DELCO  1114848  WAI50-103
42MT (12V 11T 7.6KW;24V 11T;24V 12T) WAI50-153-1 WAI50-150-1  WAI50-151-1  WAI50-52-1
50MT 11T 24V WAI50-111 DELCO1109222
S4F 11T 2T 24V 3.2KW 34466-20102 M2T65272
 PC30/40 3D84 11T 2H 12V 1.4KW 129698-77010 12960877011 12960877010
4TNV98 15T 2H 12V
PC150 12T 46MM 5.5KW 24V 600-813-3230/3231/3330/3460
PC360-7 24V 11KW 12T 46MM 600-813-3912/3922/3970/4211/4212/4221 0-23000-7731
4BT 12V 2.8KW 15T
EX55 12V 1.4KW 9T 32MM
E325 24V 8.0KW 12T 46MM 199-3918
EC360 24V 8.0KW 12T 19011511
EC210/240 24V 4.0KW 9T 35MM 0001-368001
4D34 24V 5.0KW 13T 50MM M008T60271A
4D34 12V 2.5KW 9T 35MM
4BG1 24V 4.5KW 11T 39MM
6D17 24V 5.0KW 11T 40MM M8T60071
6D24 24V 6.0KW 11T 40MM M00960171
 8DC9 24V 6.0KW 13T 55MM M4T95082
S6S 24V 5.0KW 10T 40MM M8T60371/2/3
J05C 24V 4.5KW 11T 40MM 281000-78090
J08C 21V 4.5KW 11T 40MM 0355-502-0016
RD8 RD10 24V 6.0KW 11T 47MM 0350 602 0091
 PD6 24V 4.5KW 11T 40MM
DH300 24V 5.0KW 11T 40MM
DH220-3 24V 5.5KW 11T 40MM M000A0301 65.262017124 65.262017049
DH280 DH360 24V 6.0KW 9T 35MM 0001-417-001
 W04D W06D 24V 4.5KW 11T 40MM 0350-402-0123
 6BB1 24V 4.5KW 11T 40MM 1-81100-191-0
PC60 4D95 24V 20A 600-821-3850 0-33000-5510
PC200-1/2/3  S6D105 24V 30A 600-821-6130 0-33000-5840
PC200-5  S6D95 24V 30A 600-821-6120 0-33000-5860
PC200-6 6D95 8PK  24V  30A 600-821-6190 0-33000-6580
PC200-6 S6D102  24V  40A 600-861-3411/6410 101-211-4310
PC200-7 24V 60A 101211-7960
PC300-3  6D125 24V 30A 600-821-6150/0-33000-5880
PC300-6 6D108E 24V 40A 600-825-3160/0-35000-0402
PC300-7 6D114 24V 40A
PC HT20-2 D60 S4D120 BULLDOZER  24V 20A 600-821-3350/0-33000-2280
EX120  SH120 4BD1T  24V 30A 8-97022-211-2    0-33000-6542
EX200-1  24V 30A 1-81200-365-2  0-33000-6000
EX200-2  6BD1 24V 30A 1-81200-440-2/0-33000-6552 9218005
EX200-3       24V 30A
EX200-5 6BG1 24V 45A 1-81200-471-0 0-35000-3872
EX230/240  3PK 6HK1
EX330 4HK1 24V 50A
ZAX200-6  EX200-6 6BG1 24V 50A 181200-5303 A4TU5486
E200B S6K 24V 35A ME070120 A2T72986
S6K A4TU3586
E320B/C E320C         24V 50A 34368-01100 A4T66686
E320C/D  12PK  24V 50A
E3306  6N9294 Old type 24V 35A 45W
E3306   New type 2P1204 100211-0860 E96621SI 24V 50A 100211-0860
R60-5/R60-6/R55 12V 45A
R60-7 12V 45A 119626-77210 101211-2951
R210-5 D6BR  24V 70A AC270542 37300-930000
R220-5  24V 60A
SK120 SK60  4JB1 24V 20A 600-821-3860 0-33000-5700
SK200-6  SK230-6  6D34   24V 40A ME08887  A3TN5399
  6D34   24V 40A
6D24 24V 40A
CASE 12V 55A 0120-488-205
EC210B/240B 24V 40A 10PK (NEW)
EC210/240/290 24V 80A 10PK (OLD)
DH55  4JB1 12V 50A 897228-3180 5-37813253-0  99723442
DH220-3  DH002 24V 65A ME070120 A2T72986
EF750 24V 60A pulley:Slots76-45
HH763  24V 60A
HD250/HD450  4D31 24V 35A
27SI 24V 70A
 6D22  24V 55A A4T66686 0-33000-6511
6D14/15/16 24V 35A
E325C/330C/330D 24V 100A
8DC9  24V 55A A4T66085
DH220-5 DRK390050 24V 60A 2502-6006C


B5140 22SI Excavator Volvo EC140 Dynamo


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