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201-03-51130 201-03-51141 Komatsu Water Hose for PC60-3 PC60-5

Quick Details :


Model Number :  Komatsu Excavator PC60-3 PC60-5

Parts Number : 201-03-51130 201-03-51141

Payment term : T/T , Western Union, PayPal, ABC bank


201-03-51130 201-03-51141 Komatsu Water Hose for PC60-3 PC60-5


Komatsu Water Hose :

Parts type : K0matsu Water Hose

Parts Number : 201-03-51130 upper water hose, 201-03-51141 down water hose

Model Code : PC60-3 , PC60-5

Application : Komatsu excavator

Material : rubber

Warranty time : 3 months

Availability : in stock

Package details : neutral, or as you request

Color : Black

Delivery date : within 3 working days after payment done



Komatsu Water Hose Providing :

201-03-51130 PC60-3 PC60-5 upper

201-03-51141 PC60-3 PC60-5 down

201-03-51140 PC60-6 upper

201-03-71171 PC60-7 6D95 upper

201-03-71182 PC60-7 4D95 down

201-03-72190 PC60-7 4D102 upper

201-03-72210 PC60-7 4D102 down

20G-03-11171 PC100-3 PC120-3 upper

20G-03-11163 PC100-3 PC120-3 down

203-03-586180 PC100-5 PC120-5 old type upper

203-978-5340 PC100-5 PC120-5 new down

203-03-56190 PC100-5 PC120-5 old down

203-03-61172 PC100-6 PC120-6 4D95 upper

203-03-61510 PC100-6 PC120-6 4D95 down

203-03-67181 PC100-6 PC120-6 4D102 uppepr

203-03-67190 PC100-6 PC120-6 4D102 down

203-03-71310 PC130-7 upper

203-03-71321 PC130-7 down

205-03-71170 PC200-3 upper

205-03-71180 PC200-3 down

206-03-51172 PC200-5 upper

206-03-51171 PC200-5 down

20Y-03-21290 PC200-6 PC210-6 6D95 upper

20Y-03-21531 PC200-6 PC210-6 6D95 down

20Y-03-28293 PC200-6 6D102 upper

20Y-03-21890 PC200-6 6D102 down

20Y-03-31221 PC200 PC210 PC220-7 upper

20Y-30-31230 PC200 PC210 PC220-7 down

20Y-03-41141 PC200 PC210 PC240-8 upper

20Y-03-42250 PC200 PC210 PC220 PC240-8 down

207-03-51280 PC300-5 upper

207-03-51270 PC300-5 PC300-6 down

207-03-61170 PC300 PC350-6 upper

207-03-71220 PC300 PC350 PC360-7 upper

207-03-71232 PC300 PC35 PC360-7 down

208-03-52230 PC400-1/2/3/5 upper

208-03-52220 PC400-1/2/3/5 down

208-03-61190 PC400-6 PC450-6 down

208-03-61182 PC400-6 PC450-6 upper

208-03-71321 PC400 PC450-7 upper

208-03-71331 PC400 PC450-7 down

207-03-75640 PC300-8 upper

14G-03-21171 LE70 upper

14G-03-21151 LE70 down



Q 1 : How long is the delivery time ?

A : Within 3 working days for parts in stock, 15-30 working days for parts out of stock, which depends on your order quantity and request.


Q 2 : Which payment method can choose?

A : At present, we only can accept payment via T/T, western union, paypal, or alipay, wechat transfer.




201-03-51130 201-03-51141 Komatsu Water Hose for PC60-3 PC60-5



If you are not finding the parts you needed via our website, pls feel free to contact us !

联系方式 1 300x300 - 201-03-51130 201-03-51141 Komatsu Water Hose for PC60-3 PC60-5





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