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Hitachi Parts 24V ZAX70 4JG1 Starter Motor 8-97349402-1

Quick Details:

Model Number : Hitachi Excavator ZAX70 4JG1

Parts Number : 8-97349402-1

Specification : 24V 11T 2H 3.5KW


Hitachi Parts 24V ZAX70 4JG1 Starter Motor 8-97349402-1


4JG1 Starter Motor Specification : 


Product name : 4JG1 starter motor

Voltage : 24V

Model number : ZAX70

Engine number : 4JG1

Parts number : 8-97349402-1 897349-4021 8973494021

Application : Hitachi excavator

Specification : 24V 11T 2H 3.5KW


Our Advantage : 


A . 3 months guarantee from the delivery time.

B. We have QC and 100% product quality testing before shipping.

C . In time shipment and competitive price.

D. Product pictures will sent to  you confirm before delivery.



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ZAX70 4JG1 (24V 11T 2H 3.5KW) 8-97349402-1
24V  6.5KW 11T  57MM
DH220-5 EX210/230/240   EX200-6 EX200-5 6BG1 24V 4.5KW 3H 11T  0-28000-6200 1-81100036-0 0230001031
DH60-7 S14-10213
12V  3.5KW  9T  35MM
DH55 4JB1 12V 2.5KW 11T 8-97204713-0 71440357 M008T77071
HD700-5/7 6D31  11T 24V 3.7KW 2H M2T78381 M2T78372
NT855 7.5KW 3H 11T 600-813-3962/3963/3861/2724
NT855 8.5KW 11T 600-813-3962/3963/3861/2724
NT855 11KW 600-813-3962/3963/3861/2724
 H06C H07C 24V 11T 3H 4.5KW 28100-1863 128000-4685/86/87/88
H06CT H07C 24V 11T 4.5KW  0350-552-0512
4M40  SH60/SK60 24V 3.2KW 11T M008T80471/2
E70B 4D31 24V 3H 9T 3.2KW M002T64272  ME017004
4D31 3H 14T 4.5KW M003T57575 M3T57575 
4D34 12V 2.5KW 9T 35MM  
4HK1 2H 13T 24V 5.0KW 8-98070-321-1 8-98054-063-0
6D14 6D15 24V 11T 5.0KW M3T56071  M3T56072
6D34 2H 11T 24V 5.0KWT M8T87171  ME049303 M008T87171
6SD1  6SA1  ISUZU 2H 11T 24V 7.5KW 1-81100-246-1 0-23000-7292
6CT8.3  3H 12T 3938502
6BT5.9 3H 10T 24V 5.5KW  
6QA1 3H 11T 1-81100341-3 M009T80971
10PD1 10PC1 12T 3H 24V 7.5KW 0-23000-7061 1-81100-275-1
 PE6 PF6  24V 11T 3H 6.0KW
 PE6 PF6  24V 11T 3H 4.5KW


Hitachi Parts 24V ZAX70 4JG1 Starter Motor 8-97349402-1

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1 300x300 - Hitachi Parts 24V ZAX70 4JG1 Starter Motor 8-97349402-1





11 300x30 - Hitachi Parts 24V ZAX70 4JG1 Starter Motor 8-97349402-1





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