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6D34 Excavator Safety Relay ME077148 R8T30173

Quick Details :


Model Number :  Komatsu Excavator 6D34

Parts Number : ME077148 R8T30173

Payment term : T/T , Western Union, PayPal, ABC bank


6D34 Excavator Safety Relay ME077148 R8T30173



Safety Relay Details Description :

Name : Safety relay

Parts Number : ME077148 R8T30173

Voltage : 24V

Engine Number : SK250-6E 6D34

Condition : 100% new

Other parts number : B240700000371

Shipping : by sea, by air, by express delivery



6D34 Engine Parts We are Offer :

SK200-6 HD700-7 6D31 6D34 ME049265 water temp sensor

SK200-6 SK200-6E 6D34T MC849577 revolution sensor

6D34 2H 11T 24V 5.0KWT M8T87171 ME049303 M008T87171 starting motor

6D34 SK200-6 SK230-6 24V 50A ME08887 A3TN5399 alternator

6D34 ME088840 turbocharger

6D34 H700-7 SK200-6 SK200-5 SK200-3 6D31 ME993520 water pump

SK200-5 6D34 ME033687 oil cooler cover

6D34 6D31 valve chamber cover

HD700-5 6D31 6D34 5P oil cooler

6D34T ME013366 liner

6D34 connecting rod

6D31 6D34 ME996365 thermostat

6D31 6D34 new type mainifold exhasut

6D34 SK nozzle pipe

6D34 SK200-6 tube turbo



Our Business Scope:

Engine Parts : piston, liner, gasket head, gasket kit, bearing, valve crankshaft, connect rod, camshaft , cylinder block, cylinder head, turbo, starter, alternator, water pump, oil pump, fuel pump, injector and so on.

Electronic parts : throttle stepper motor, motor spare parts, solenoid coil, solenoid, pressure sensor, ignition switch, stop solenoid, monitor, controller and so on.

Hydraulic parts : hydraulic pump, gear pump, regulator , swing motor, main contol valve, sun gear, panetary gear and so on.

Undercarriage parts : support arm , muffler, carrier roller, track roller, idler, sprocket, adjust cylinder, track spring, jack cylinder, piston rod etc..

Pulley and rubber parts : belt tensioner, crankshaft pulley, fan seat fan drive, coupling, engine cushion, spline, boot, trumpet, friction plate, belt

Pipe and cables : pipe in, manifold exhaust, water hose, high pressure pipe, oil pipe, universal joint and bolt, travel cable, throttle cable etc.

Cooling parts : oil cooler cover, valve chamber cover, oil cooler, oil cooler assy, fan blade, radiator, hydraulic oil cooler, egr, after cooler.


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