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Hitachi Excavator Control EX200-2 Main Relief Valve 4289602


Quick Details:


Model No. : Hitachi Excavator EX200-2

Parts No. : 4289602

Payment: Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, ABC Bank, TT Transfer


Hitachi Excavator Control EX200-2 Main Relief Valve 4289602



EX200-2 Main Relief  Valve Specification:


Product Name : EX200-2 main relief valve

Excavator Make : EX200-2 , EX200-3

Model Parts Number : 4289602

Material : metal

Size : OEM standard size

Packaging details : neutral package or as customer require

Quality : good quality with reasonable price

Price term : EXW

Minimum Order Quantity : 10 pieces

Shipping ways : DHL , Fedex , TNT , UPS

Place of original : Guangzhou China (Main land)



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EX200-2 Main Relief Valve 4289602


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1 300x300 - Hitachi Excavator Control EX200-2 Main Relief Valve 4289602




11 300x30 - Hitachi Excavator Control EX200-2 Main Relief Valve 4289602




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