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R130 4BT 3991168 3991167 Engine Diesel Stop Solenoid


Quick Details :


Model Number :  Hyundai Excavator R130 4BT

Parts Number : 3991168 3991167

Payment term : T/T , Western Union, PayPal, ABC bank


R130 4BT 3991168 3991167 Engine Diesel Stop Solenoid


Diesel Stop Solenoid Description :

  1. Parts name : diesel stop solenoid
  2. Parts number : 3991168 3991167
  3. Model number : R130 4BT
  4. Voltage : 3991168 24V , 3991167 12V
  5. MOQ : 10 pieces
  6. Package details : standard exporting packing or as customer needed
  7. Delivery date : in stock within 2 working days, out of stock, depends on your order quantity, normally is 15 days


Our Company Services :

  1.  A good services are provided from first time contact to after sales services till customers completely feel satisfied.
  2. Our solenoid is good quality with competitive prices.
  3. Professional technical guidance services are provided anywhere and anytime.
  4.  We will be devoted more to meeting the demand of different customers and provide the optimal solution for them.
  5. Before every product is shipped, must be rigorously teseted make sure the quality is the best one.


More Stop Solenoid Product List:

R130 3991168 24V stop solenoid

3928160 12V stop solenoid

3932545 12V stop solenoid

3932546 24V stop solenoid

3906398 12V stop solenoid

3926412 24V stop solenoid

3926411 12V stop solenoid

3287406 24V stop solenoid

3864274 24V stop solenoid

3921980 24V stop solenoid

6CT 3935650 24V stop solenoid

6CT 3935649 12V stop solenoid

3974947 24V/12V stop solenoid

3932529 12V stop solenoid

3932530 24V stop solenoid

3991625 24V stop solenoid

3991624 12V stop solenoid

R130 3991167 12V stop solenoid

3415706 24V stop solenoid

R305 3939019 24V stop solenoid

3928161 24V stop solenoid

3906776 24V stop solenoid



FAQ : 

A : How to make sure the quality of the products of your company?

First, we are the manufacturer and producing the products by our own workers. In addition, our QC also testing every products before delivery. It is the reason why our company development is better and better.

B. How long is your order delivery time?

If the parts you order are in stock, then we can arrange delivery within 2 working days.

If the parts you order are out of stock, the delivery time depends on your order quantity.


R130 4BT 3991168 3991167 Engine Diesel Stop Solenoid


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