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Excavator Computer Control Box 4635318 GBS ZX330-3

Quick Details :


Model Number : Hitachi Excavator ZAX330-3

Parts Number : 4635318

Payment Term : T/T, Western Union, PayPal, ABC Bank Transfer


Excavator Computer Control Box 4635318 GBS ZX330-3


Computer Control Box Product Description:

Item Name: computer control box

Model : ZX2330-3

Parts Number: 4635318 excavator controller

Color : Silver

Product Condition: 100% new

Application: For Hitachi Crawler Excavator

Warranty: 3 months

Packing details: plastic bag with carton box

Deliver Time: Within 3 working days after payment done

Payment Term: Western Union Paypal alipay

Place of original: Guangzhou China


Product Feature:

  1. Simple structure in linear type, easy in installation and maintation
  2. Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts. electric parts and operation parts
  3. High pressure double crank to control the die open and close
  4. High automatization , no pollution
  5. Apply a linker to connect with the air cover , which can directly with filling machine.


Our Advantage:

  • Excavator spare parts in full scale are available
  • 100% quality assurance , develop and manufacture follow original ones
  • Quick response within 24 hours
  • Small order allowed
  • Reasonable stock and timely delivery
  • Original package , neutral packing or customized package
  • Positive feedback from oversea market
  • Excellent after sales service


Controller List :


E200B E300B E861-03705
E320 119-0609
PC200-6  6D95 7834-10-2000/2001/2002/2003
PC200-6  6D95 7834-30-2000
PC200-6  6D102 7834-21-6000/6001/6002/6003
PC200-7 7835-26-1009/1007/1005
PC200-5 7824-32-1100
PC200-5/PC120-5 7824-12-2001
EX200-2/3 9125533/9104908/9116941/9131579 9116368 9104907
EX200-2/3 9104912
EX200-5 4372490 4369340
EX200-5 9164280
ZAX120-1/200-1 X9226754  0241117000
SK120-2 LP22E00004F2
SK120-3 LP22E00006F3
SK200-2 YN22E00015F3
SK200-3 YN22E00020F1
SH200A1/A2 KHR1794 KHR-1794
SHA1/A2   KHR1347
R220-5 21E-32133(DC)
PC200-6 7834-27-2002/7834-27-3002
EC210B EC360B EC460B EC290B 60100000
EC360 20582958
EC210 60100002
R480LC-9S 21QB-32110
R320LC-7 21N9-32101
R300LC-9S 21Q8-32180
6D16TL SK330-6E SK350-6E SK450-6 ME441124
R305LC-7 21N8-32402
RX140LC-7 21Q4-32183
DX80 4TNV98 129968-75201 129927-75901
DH225-7 543-00074 543-00004 543-00076
E320D 221-8874
R210LC-7H 21N6-20021
R210LC-7 21N6-42101
E320B 119-0607X-00
R220LC-9S 21Q6-32780
R480LC-9S 21Q6-32770
R220LC-9SH 21Q6-32191
E320D 366-8821
PC300-8 PC400-8 7835-46-3000
SH210-5 SH350-5 KHR10031 KHR10027 KHR10029
EC480 14594707 VOE14594707
SK135SR YY22E00061F1
6HK1 8981260710
PC350-8MO PC300-8MO 2A5-979-1122
R385L 21QA-32010
R225L 21Q6-32010
R180LC-9S 21Q5-32100
R305VS 21Q8-32010
TAD1641GE 20814594
SK200-8 VH89661E0010
R210LC-7 21N6-32102
R300LC-9S 21Q8-32182 21Q8-32151

Excavator Computer Control Box 4635318 GBS ZX330-3


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