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Hitachi Diesel Engine 6BG1 EX200-5 Water Pump 1-13650017-1


Quick Details:

Model Number : Hitachi Excavator 4BG1 EX120-5

Parts number : 8-97125051-1

Payment term: QQ截图20190612103410 300x35 - Hitachi Diesel Engine 6BG1 EX200-5 Water Pump 1-13650017-1


Hitachi Diesel Engine 6BG1 EX200-5 Water Pump 1-13650017-1


4BG1 Water Pump Details Reference :


Parts name

Hitachi Diesel Engine 6BG1 EX200-5 Water Pump 1-13650017-1

Parts number

1-13650017-1 ,  1136500171

Model number

EX200-5 6BG1


Hitachi excavator 

Delivery time

within 3 working days after payment done


Shipping time :

Small order in stock parts, it takes about 3 working days.

For small order out of stock, it will takes about 7 working days which the parts need to delivery from our factory to warehouse.

For mass order need production, usually cost 15 working days.


Quality Warranty :

For any quality problem caused by us, we provide refund for returns made within 15 business days of the delivery date. Or we fix it or make new ones for you as request.


More Water Pump for Sale : 

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PC200-6/7/8  6D102 6BT5.9 R220-5 3389145    6735-61-1501/6735-61-1500
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S6D155 D155A1 6124-61-1004
SA6D155 D355C1 6127-61-1008
6D170 6162-63-1015/6162-62-1012
WA350-1 PC400-1 6D110  6138-61-1860/6138-61-1400
PC400-6  S6D125E 6151-62-1101/6151-62-1102/21010-0W825
PC650-3 S6D140 6212-61-1305
EX60/70 BD30 6151-62-1101
EX120 SH120 SK120 4BD1 8-94376865-0
EX200-1 SH280 4HOLES 1-13610145-2
EX200-2 SH200 6HOLES 6BD1 513610-1452
4BG1  EX120-5 8-97125051-1
EX200-5 6BG1 1-13650017-1
EX220-1/2/3 H06CT  
H07CT EX220-5  
EX300-2/3 6SD1 1-13610944-0
R210-5  NEW new type
6D14 NEW 6D15NEW HD800 new type
6D22 (GREASE)  ME94218
6D31  HD700-5 old type ME391343
HD250 S4F ME996861  
HD250 HD400 HD450 4D31  
HD700-7 SK200-3/5/6 6D31 new type ME993520
HD1250 6D22 OIL ME150295
R300-5 6CT8.3  3415366/6742-01-3670
R300-5 6D114   6CT8.3  3802081/6742-01-3676/3924021 3929613 3285325 
R300-7 6D114 6742-61-1530/31 3966841 3802081
NH220  6685-61-1024  3945361
NT855 3022747 6711-82-1101
DH220-5  DB58T  
DH300-5 D1146T 65.06500.6138
EC210/290 21247955


Product Pictures :

Hitachi Diesel Engine 6BG1 EX200-5 Water Pump 1-13650017-1Hitachi Diesel Engine 6BG1 EX200-5 Water Pump 1-13650017-1


If you can not find the items you need via our website, pls feel free to contact us for more information !

1 300x300 - Hitachi Diesel Engine 6BG1 EX200-5 Water Pump 1-13650017-1





11 300x30 - Hitachi Diesel Engine 6BG1 EX200-5 Water Pump 1-13650017-1





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